Ryberg Biler ApS. started in its current form in January 2007, when Per Ryberg Jensen's former company Pladesmeden was restructured in the company.

The company has existed since 1982. Until 1987 as sheet metalwork / body corporate , and later as trading with the wholesale trade of cars as their main occupation . Alongside commercial company Per Ryberg also acted as auctioneer at car auctions in Denmark , mainly in Copenhagen . The switch to the auctions have obviously given a lot of experience with prices , pricing plans and assessments , as well as a large and invaluable networking within the industry.

Today the company employs mainly with the export of cars, the wholesale trade of cars in Denmark and in addition retail sales of newer used cars .

Our annual turnover of cars and vans, has in recent years been between 700-900 pcs .

We strive to be with a stock of between 70-100 units , so not our customers may go in vain. Should it happen that the requested item is not in stock , we draw on our many relationships and extensive network within the industry, so it is extremely rare that we can not fulfill our customers. If the wanted vehicle is not in Denmark , today we have close links with our partners in Germany, Sweden, Poland, Czech Republic and most other European countries.

In recent years, Ryberg Biler also begun to evaluate companies and equipment by bankruptcies and closures.

Ryberg Biler ApS. employs over Per Ryberg Jensen 2 employees.

In the office Sonja Carlsen.

As a driver and squid Johnny Bastian.

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